Friday, 13 December 2013

Dream Places

Assalamualaikum, Hi there!

Okay, post kali ni , nak cerita sikit pasal tempat yang paling aku idamkan nak pergi.. Of course everyone ada places yang paling diidamkan untuk pergi. For me, i gonna choose Australia for my dream place to go.
Gazing at the evening ray

yeah, i dont know why, but, everytime, every minutes, every second, if you ask me where the place that i would like to go to, Australia gonna be my choices .. :DD Thats why hopefully, my SPM result akan melayakkan aku to further my study at Australia in Engineering course.. maybe, civil engineering.. yes.. Hopefully!
Opera House

Okay, ni pulak Opera House which is located at Sydney , and of course in Australia. Teringin gila nak pergi tempat ni .. 

yeah.. someday, i'm gonna reach this totally awesome places in Australia.. insyaa Allah :D

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